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Welcome to Private Luxe

Luxury on Land, Air, and Sea

Our Story

Welcome to Private Luxe
The Ultimate Luxury Travel Club for Land, Air, and Sea.
Our Story Private Luxe is the best luxury travel club for elite members who want to enjoy the finest things in life. We give you exclusive access to yachts, planes, cars, and destinations around the world. We also take care of everything for you, from booking to concierge service. We are passionate about excellence, and we make sure every moment is perfect for you and your loved ones.

Join Private Luxe and discover a new way of living. Private Luxe is more than a travel club, it’s a lifestyle club. We offer you a curated selection of experiences that will wow you and your guests. We pay attention to every detail, so you can relax and have fun. We create a world where luxury and convenience go hand in hand.

Become a part of our exclusive community and enjoy the benefits of Private Luxe. Private Luxe is a rare opportunity for a hundred elite individuals to live their dreams. Elevate your journey with us, and explore a world of luxury, service, and experience. Private Luxe is where you belong.

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Immerse yourself in luxury. Explore our membership experience now.


At Private Luxe, our passionate and experienced team is dedicated to crafting extraordinary moments for our members. From ensuring your every journey is bespoke, to keeping things affordable, we're here to bring the luxury lifestyle to you.

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Jason Ng

Jason Ng, our dynamic leader, beholds a rich history in multiple corporate roles with a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit. With various successful startup ventures, and over a decade of experience in logistics and luxury travel, Jason strategically shapes Private Luxe. Known for his lively spirit, he consistently exceeds client and customer expectations. Under Jason's leadership, Private Luxe strives to craft vibrant and opulent experiences.

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Ellie Yee

Ellie Yee, a veteran of the travel industry for over a decade, infuses her vibrant entrepreneurial spirit into the company. Her creative flair and fun-loving approach to life plays an important role in shaping the membership experience at Private Luxe. She is filled with a passion for making luxury accessible to all, and meticulously crafts lifestyle experiences that she feels should be shared by all.

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Creative Director

Chan Qing Hao

Meet QH, our innovative multimedia specialist who thrives on creative and unconventional ideas to elevate brands. He is constantly seeking inspiration and aspires to break free from the ordinary. Having collaborated with prestigious entities like Singapore Press Holdings, CNBC, and FOX Sports, QH is ready to bring a fresh perspective to your creative needs, going the extra mile for unique solutions.

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